Abdomen Phantom

68 mixed liver lesions

SKU: 508-06

This abdomen phantom was designed for evaluation of diagnostic software, including AI tools. The phantom can be used in CT for evaluation of detection, segmentation and classification tasks.

The phantom simulates a contrast medium enhanced abdomen in early portal venous phase and has 68 liver lesions of different types.

The phantom provides a detailed and realistic simulation of soft and bone tissue, including small details such as lymph nodes. Air voids are filled with a cellulose-polymer composite of approx. -80 HU.

The phantom can be used for detection, segmentation and classification tasks and other common methods of image quality evaluation.



Size: Approx. 268 x 189 x 149 mm
Weight: Approx. 5400 g
Base material: Cellulose-polymer composite
Optimal tube voltage: 120 kVp (cf page 5) – adaptable upon request –

Diagnostic features

68 rod-shaped liver lesions in 6 sections
Lesion height: 10.9 mm
Lesion contrast: approx. -100 to -40 HU at 120 kVp
Lesion edge: sharp
Section 1: 14 lesions, 5 mm diameter
Section 2: 14 lesions, 13 mm diameter
Section 3: 14 lesions, 11 mm diameter
Section 4: 14 lesions, 8 mm diameter
Section 5: 8 lesions, 5 to 13 mm diameter
Section 6: 4 lesions, 5 to 13 mm diameter

Data Sheet

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