Breast Phantom

Insertable mass and calcifications

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This breast phantom can be used in mammography and breast tomosynthesis for image quality evaluation and training. It was also designed to enable evaluation of diagnostic software, including AI tools.

The phantom simulates a compressed breast and provides a detailed and realistic simulation of glandular and adipose tissue. The phantom is composed of four slabs that are held together by a magnetic mount.

The phantom can be equipped with an insertable pattern to simulate microcalcifications. The central slabs can be replaced to simulate a breast mass.

The phantom can be used for detection, segmentation and classification tasks and other common methods of image quality evaluation.

Section shows phantom composition of glandular and adipose tissue.
Section shows phantom composition after insertion of tumor slabs.


Size: Approx. 152 x 134 x 36 mm
Weight: Approx. 590 g
Components: 4 slabs of 9 mm thickness
Positioning aid: Magnetic mount
Base material: Cellulose-polymer composite

Diagnostic features

Insertable calcification pattern

Pattern thickness: 0.1 mm
Calcification diameter: 0.05 to 0.39 mm

Replacement slabs containing a spiculated mass

Mass integrated in 2 additional slabs for replacement of the 2 central slabs
Mass size: approx. 15 x 17 x 15 mm

Data Sheet

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