Head Phantom


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This head phantom can be used in CT for image quality evaluation and for training. It was also designed to enable evaluation of diagnostic software, including AI tools.

The phantom simulates a contrast medium enhanced head in arterial phase (CT angiography). The neck is included up to the fifth cervical vertebra.

The phantom provides a detailed and realistic simulation of soft and bone tissue, including small details such as lymph nodes. The right hemisphere has an arteriovenous malformation. Air voids are filled with a cellulose-polymer composite of approx. -80 HU.

The phantom can be used for common methods of image quality evaluation such as visual grading analysis or contrast-to-noise ratio measurement.



Size: Approx. 186 x 234 x 269 mm
Weight: Approx. 5500 g
Base material: Cellulose-polymer composite
Optimal tube voltage: 120 kVp (cf page 3) – adaptable upon request –

Diagnostic features

Arteriovenous malformation of the right hemisphere

Data Sheet

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