Head Phantom

mixed brain lesions

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This head phantom can be used in CT for evaluation of low-contrast signals in the brain. It was designed to enable evaluation of diagnostic software, including AI tools.

The phantom simulates a contrast medium enhanced head in arterial phase (CT angiography) and has 10 low-contrast lesions in the centrum semiovale. The neck is included up to the fifth cervical vertebra.

The phantom provides a detailed and realistic simulation of soft and bone tissue, including small details such as lymph nodes. The right hemisphere has an arteriovenous malformation. Air voids are filled with a cellulose-polymer composite of approx. -80 HU.

The phantom can be used for detection, segmentation and classification tasks and other common methods of image quality evaluation.



Size: Approx. 186 x 234 x 269 mm
Weight: Approx. 5500 g
Base material: Cellulose-polymer composite
Optimal tube voltage: 120 kVp (cf page 3) – adaptable upon request –

Diagnostic features

Arteriovenous malformation of the right hemisphere
5 rod-shaped lesions on each side in the centrum semiovale at the periventricular and supraventricular level
Lesion diameter: 10mm
Lesion height: 10.5mm
Approx. -60 to -20 and 20 to 60 HU at 120 kVp

Data Sheet

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