5 cm Fat Ring for Abdomen Phantom


SKU: 53-06

This accessory fits the following phantoms:

  • Abdomen Phantom –  Portal venous phase
    SKU: 53-02
  • Abdomen Phantom – Low-contrast spheres
    SKU: 53-03
  • Abdomen Phantom – Mixed cylinders
    SKU: 53-08

This 5 cm thick fat ring is made of adipose tissue equivalent material and can be mounted around abdomen phantoms 53-02, 53-03 or 53-08 for scanning. It consists of four parts that fit the phantom shape.

Fat rings for other phantoms or with other thicknesses are also available upon request. Contact us at info@phantomx.de.



Size: Approx. 370 x 292 x 150 mm
Weight: Approx. 5840 g
Thickness: 5 cm
Material: Cellulose-polymer composite – adipose tissue equivalent –

Data Sheet

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