Liver Lesions in our CT Abdomen Phantom

Liver lesions abdomen CT Phantom
Liver Lesions in our CT Abdomen Phantom
The identification of liver lesions is a task known for its challenges, yet crucial for patients in detecting metastatic diseases and monitoring ongoing health conditions.


Assessing liver lesions provides also a perfect chance to validate scanner capabilities, dose levels, and scan protocols, shedding light on the complexities of abdominal imaging.


We present here images of our Abdomen CT Phantom 53-03, captured with various technologies, doses and reconstruction methods (FBP, AIDR3D, AiCE) highlighting differences in lesion visibility despite the same ground truth.

Diagnosing liver lesions correctly can be challenging and heavily relies on the data quality of the imaging system.

Our realistic phantom, with its 15 lesions, is a valuable tool in enhancing accuracy in liver lesion identification. The dataset available on our website offers a unique opportunity for researchers and practitioners to refine their skills and contribute to advancements in abdominal CT imaging.