Breast Calcifications – Pentagonal Cluster


SKU: 59-02

This accessory fits the following phantoms:

  • Breast Phantom – Mass and Calcifications
    SKU: 59-01

This calcification template can be used in combination with PhantomX breast phantom 59-01 in mammography and breast tomosynthesis for image quality evaluation and training. It was also designed to enable evaluation of diagnostic software, including AI tools.

The calcification pattern simulates microcalcifications with a diameter of 50 µm - 390 µm. The pattern is designed to yield realistic absorption properties within the diagnostic energy range. The pentagonal shape facilitates calcification detection.



Size: Approx. 127 x 138 x 0,1 mm
Weight: Approx. 10 g
Components: 1 flexible slab
Calcification material: Copper, 18 μm

Data Sheet

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