Head / Neck Phantom CTA AVM

Data 1 dose

SKU: D51-04-1
Scanner: Canon Aquilion ONE
Size (GB): 3,43
Number of images: 6978
Number of protocols: 16

This head phantom dataset comprises 6978 axial images of head / neck CTA phantom AVM 51-04 acquired with a Canon Aquilion ONE scanner.

The data is organized in 16 series with a dose of 10.5 mGy and 8 reconstruction methods: Filtered back projection (FBP), standard hybrid iterative reconstruction (AIDR 3D), and deep-learning reconstruction (AiCE). FBP and AIDR 3D images come with three kernels (FC08, FC13, FC35) and AiCE comes with the "standard" and "bone" kernel. Each acquisition is available with a slice thickenss of 1mm and 0.5mm.

The data provides comprehensive coverage of anatomy and pathology (arteriovenous malformation of the right hemispher) across various reconstruction methods in state-of-the-art CT imaging.


Scanner: Canon Aquilion ONE
Size (GB): 3.43
Number of images: 6978
Number of series: 16
Repetitions per series: 1
Images per series: Between 282 and 565
Image plane: Axial
Tube voltage (kVp): 120


CTDI (mGy): 10.5
Tube current (mA): 300
Rotation time (s): 0.5
Slice thickness (mm): 0.5, 1
Slice increment (mm): 0.5, 0.8
Kernel types: Soft tissue, Bone
Image reconstruction: FBP, AIDR 3D, AiCE


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